Mail Flyers Promoting Your Book

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Why should I mail out post cards and contact customers about my book?

Mail Flyers Promoting Your Book

Psst! Want a book marketing tip that really works? Try printing post cards for your book. Post cards will offer continuous marketing, long after you send them out. As you've probably noticed, post cards advertising various things, are everywhere and there's a reason for this—it really works. Flyers are cheap and easy to make so you can make a large amount of them with minimal effort. And, there are unlimited places available where you can put post cards:

  • Put them up around your area
  • Mail them to people that you know in other areas and ask them to post them
  • Include post cards about your self published book in the information packets you mail each month
  • Mail out post cards promoting your book to the thousands of names you have listed in your database
  • Send thousands of post cards to bookstores everywhere and ask them to distribute them

*Call any former clients and customers, offering them an opportunity to buy advance copies for their sales force once the book publication date is announced.



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