Book Investments

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How much will I have to invest in my self published book?

Book Investments

Self published books require two kinds of investments: investments in capital and investments in yourself. As in any businesses, there must be enough money to print the book, send out review copies, sustain a successful advertising campaign, etc. The amount of investing you will have depends on many factors:

  • How long will your book be?
  • Will it have photographs inside?
  • Will the cover be full-color?
  • Will you type it, do it on a computer, or have it typeset?
  • How many copies will you print and on what quality of paper? Generally, to produce a professional-quality book and promote it properly, you'll be in the range of $3000-15,000 in today's marketplace.

*$3000 is closer to the minimum, however, many people get into the game for under $1000.



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