Payment for Late Delivery of Your Books

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Do I have to pay for books if they are delivered late?

Payment for Late Delivery of Your Books

You will not receive payment for late delivery of your books, unless you have a written guarantee of a specific date spelling out the conditions and/or consequences if that date is not met. Book printers have a general idea how long it takes to print a book in their plant. The actual time it takes depends more often on you. There are many questions to consider, including:

  • How well is your self published book prepared?
  • How long will you hold the book proofs?
  • How many changes will you make?

To be on the safe side don't plan on having your self publishing books in hand until you actually receive them. Don't schedule a book signing or autograph party until you are absolutely sure you will have books in hand—you'll avoid a lot of worry and aggravation that way.



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