Vanity Presses Set the Price for Your Book

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Who sets the price for my book when I use a vanity publisher?

Vanity Presses Set the Price for Your Book

When you choose a vanity publishing company, there is another issue to consider. Since they own the ISBN for your book, they set the price. They literally will tell you what to charge for your own book! This is more than a loss of control—it can even damage the sales of the book if the vanity publisher sets the price too high or too low. Once an ISBN is set and printed on the back cover, and imbedded in the UPC bar code, you cannot change it. So, this is another reason to think twice before printing your book with a vanity publisher.



3/18/2007 8:49:33 PM
An author said:

All publishers set the price for an author's book, not just vanity pubs.


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