Self Publishing Statistics

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What are some self publishing statistics?

Self Publishing Statistics

Before you self publish a book, educate yourself on some publishing basics. Here are some valuable, informative morsels to chew on:

  • As a writer, you can be self-published, subsidy-published, or commercially-published
  • Self publishers are sometimes called private publishers, independent publishers, small presses, or alternative publishers
  • A self publisher wears many hats, anywhere from writer to shipper/warehouser
  • According to the R.R. Bowker Company, there are an average 1,200 new publishers coming into the marketplace every quarter, an average of just under 5,000 new publishers starting up each year
  • Statistics show that of all the titles published annually by the established commercial publishers, only about three out of ten are financial successes

Take that into account when deciding how to self publish a book.



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