Authorhouse Account Set up

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Can I set up an account on behalf of my mother who is an elderly woman of 80 and totally computer iliterate?

Authorhouse Account Set up

It seems that you really have two questions here, so I will answer them, one at a time. Setting up an account with Authorhouse should have been taken care of when she published with them. I am assuming she published her book there? If she has, then she can just register. They have an author center where it allows her to register:

The second question: you cannot find her book unless you knew the title or author name. This is standard in the industry. If you want people to find her book easily, they have a way to set up a website for her, and then you can just tell people what site to go to to buy her book. Here is the link for that:

Hope this helps!



5/24/2011 12:43:07 PM
kenneth r tolliver said:

i am unsure where my book is in the publication procvess


URL: (optional)


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