Naming Your Self-Publishing Company

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What should I name my publishing company?

Naming Your Self-Publishing Company

When you decide to self-publish a book, you are becoming a publisher. You will need to choose a name for your publishing company.

Do not name it after yourself (unless you want to look like an amateur).

Be sure the name of your company is not similar to another publisher, past and present. Go to's Detailed Search Page. Type in the first non-trivial (not "The" or "A") word of your publishing company's name in the Publisher field and click on the "Search Now" button to see other publisher's with similar names.

When choosing a company name, there are advantages to choosing a web domain name at the same time. Go to a domain registry site, such as
or to check whether a domain name has already been reserved (which is different from being in use).

Give your publishing house a name that is easy to remember and easy to find on the internet. Be wary of uniquely spelled names that will confuse vendors.



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