Improve The Image of An E-book

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How to I Create a Good Image For My E-book?

Improve The Image of An E-book

The stigma of self-publishing an e-book is the result of get-rich-quick companies that manage inferior online e-book portals. National e-book organizations are working hard to improve the image of the online e-book industry. Authors can work with these organizations to create a good image for their online e-books.

There are few basics that will protect an e-book's image:

  • Avoid listing with an online e-book store geared to the get-rich-quick community.
  • Do not use a free web site hosting service to sell online e-books.
  • Use a professional looking template instead of a homemade web site.
  • Self-published authors who want repeat sales need to add a blog, forum, guestbook, and mailing list to their website.



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