Designing an E-book Cover

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What E-book Cover Format Should I Use?

Designing an E-book Cover

The cover of an e-book has a dramatic impact on sales. Self published authors need to be careful when purchasing e-book cover software. Not all e-book cover software is created equal:

  • Avoid templates that insert a book title onto the pre-made image of a book.
  • Look for a program that accepts the book's traditional 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 cover image, and then twists it into the classic 3/4 view associated with e-book covers.
  • The traditional book cover style is a front cover view, saved in a .jpeg file, 79 dpi for advertising in an online bookstore.
  • The classic e-book cover is a small thumbprint 3/4 image of a book. It is used when selling e-books from a web site.



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