A Blurb For Your Book Cover

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Do I need a blurb for my self-published book?

A Blurb For Your Book Cover

A blurb is essential for marketing your self-published book and a crucial part of the book cover design. The front cover blurb usually includes 10 to 12 words which highlight the main point of the book. For example, one self publishing guide says the blurb contains, "everything you need to know to write, publish, promote and sell your own book". This tells the reader what to expect when reading the book. If anyone well known has said something positive about the book, this is usually included in the front cover blurb as well.

Once a potential buyer has seen the cover, s/he will turn to the back cover, which is a chance for you to sell the book again. Non-fiction books often start with a couple of paragraphs saying what the book covers in general, followed by a more detailed contents list. Fictional books may use an excerpt of the novel, followed by a brief plot outline (without giving the ending away, of course). Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, the cover blurb is one of the best opportunities to get someone to buy your self-published book.



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