Binding Decisions

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What kind of book binding should I choose?

Binding Decisions

A book binding company usually offers a variety of binding options. The kind of book binding you choose will depend on the type of book you are self-publishing and the way it will be used.

The first major decision is whether to go for hardcover or paperback. Hardbacks tend to be more expensive to produce, but often look more professional and regal. Paperback or soft cover binding is less expensive and may be a good option for people on a budget or people planning a limited distribution, such as to family and friends.

Once you have decided on the type of binding, you also need to choose the appropriate binding method for your book. Manuals and cookbooks might benefit from spiral or wire binding, so that you can lay them flat on a table when referring to them. Smythe sewn binding consists of stitching the groups of pages before they are glued into the cover, which gives the book a durable finish. However, the most popular binding method is the one used on mass market paperbacks and others. This is perfect binding, where the pages are collated and glued, with the cover added to the glue. This type of binding is usually offered by self-publishing and book binding companies.



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