A Tale Of Templates

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How should I prepare my book for binding?

A Tale Of Templates

Most self publishing companies provide a template which will help you to lay out your book so it is suitable for binding. If the template is set out in Word, it will include a document with the correct page size (such and 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches) with the margins inset by at least half an inch. All text must be within those margins. This will give a standard paperback size when trimmed. The inside margin will usually be wider to allow space for book binding. This will ensure that none of your text is hidden after the book has been bound.

In a standard template, the wider margin will be on the right of even numbered pages and on the left of odd numbered pages. Page numbers will either be to the left of even numbered pages and the right of odd numbered pages or centered within the printing area. Even if your self publishing company does not provide a template, you can use these guidelines to lay your book out in the correct manner.



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