Book Editors and Content Editing - A Key Skill

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What is content editing?

Book Editors and Content Editing - A Key Skill

Content editing is one of the key skills of a book editor, and it can take a long time to learn how to do it correctly. Content editing consists of reading the whole book to check for sections that are not clear or are badly organized. Book editors will also look for similar consistency in non-fiction manuscripts. They will check to see whether you have presented the contents of your book logically.

Book editors will also assess whether you have given readers the information that you promised throughout the book. They will check to see if the information you have provided is up-to-date and accurate, with names, places and figures stated correctly. Book editors will also check that your self-published book sounds authentic, and that you have a thorough knowledge of the subject of your book. Finally, book editors will check whether your book is written clearly and appropriately for your intended audience.



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