Self Publishing Success With A Freelance Book Editor

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Should I choose a freelance book editor for my self published book?

Self Publishing Success With A Freelance Book Editor

One good reason to choose a freelance book editor is that it may cost you less than hiring a editing company. You are also able to control exactly who is editing your book. However, cost is not everything when it comes to editing your self published book. You may prefer to have the security of quality control in the form of multiple edits. This may be available from a company, but may not be available from an individual.

A freelance editor is also less likely to be flexible - after all, there's only one person to do the work. You might also be in trouble if your editor gets ill or has to stop work unexpectedly. Self publishing with a company gives you access to a range of experienced editors who will deliver your edited manuscript on time. You may also be able to benefit from other services offered by the company and save money on the package.



2/2/2012 5:55:51 AM
leto said:

There are advantages and disadvantages of using freelancer, so i would think it over before decide whose services to use!


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