ISO Paper

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What are ISO press sheet sizes?

ISO Paper

With the exception of the US, Canada and Mexico, most countries in the world use ISO paper sizes, which is a symmetrical metric format. There are two sets of paper sizing that are intended for newspaper, magazine and book printing. These are the RA sizes (for printing without bleeds) and the SRA sizes (for printing with bleeds. The sizes (in millimeters) are as follows:

RA sizes

  • RA0 860 x 1220
  • RA1 610 x 860
  • RA2 430 x 610
  • RA3 305 x 430
  • RA4 215 x 305
SRA sizes

  • SRA0 900 x 1280
  • SRA1 640 x 900
  • SRA2 450 x 640
  • SRA3 320 x 450
  • SRA4 225 x 320



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