Publishing an E-Book

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What should I look for when choosing an online book publishing company?

Publishing an E-Book

If you want to publish an e-book, there are a number of online book publishing companies to choose from. Many of the criteria you should use to choose them are the same as you would use for assessing other self publishing companies.

For example, if you sign a contract with them, check to see who owns the rights to your book and what rights have been assigned. Most e-book publishers should only require digital rights and these should be for a limited time only. Check to see how long the website has been up (more than a year is good) and whether they have a good range of titles. You can even contact some of the other authors to see if they are happy with the service they have received. It is also worth checking to see whether your e-book is available to download in different formats as PDAs and PCs often have different e-book readers.



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