Online Book Sales With Article Marketing

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How can I use article marketing to sell my book online?

Online Book Sales With Article Marketing

Web marketing is a popular marketing tool which is used to promote products or create links to particular websites. To use it effectively, write a few articles related to the subject of your self published book. Remember to use the keywords you want people to use to find you. The article should be short; no more than 500 words. At the end of the article, write a bio box which says a little bit about you and uses your chosen keywords with a link to your promotional web site or web page.

Submit the article to online article directories, taking care to choose the ones with the widest reach. The articles will be reprinted on dozens or hundreds of web sites, all with a link to your promotional page. This will help your book's site to be more prominent in search results and will also get new potential buyers to your website.



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