Ebook Comments and Reviews

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Can I trust reader reviews about e-books?

Ebook Comments and Reviews

With the advent of the Amazon Kindle, I-Pad and other mobile devices, people can read ebooks wherever they are. Anyone can publish short e-books on the Kindle. Amazon makes it easy for readers to leave a review of what they read on their website. These reader opinions will be shown below the book description. Whoever is looking for a book on any subject will read these reviews before they buy, so this will influence their decision to buy an e-book or not.

However, many people may not stop to consider that these reader reviews may not be truthful. The e-book authors themselves can hire a freelance writer to create a glowing review of their own book, and then publish this fake review on the sales website. On the flip side, a review that disparages an e-book as inaccurate or poorly written may be the work of another author who is promoting their own book on a similar subject.



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