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What are some of the key methods that book marketing services will use to promote my book?

Book Marketing Methods

Some key methods used by book marketing services to promote self published books include:

  • Cooperative advertising
  • Press releases and press kits
  • Promotion through printed publicity material, such as bookmarks
  • Setting up a web page for the author
  • Contact with radio and television producers
  • Marketing coaches
  • Promoting forthcoming books inside new ones
  • Sales sheets for your book

How will book marketing services help me sell my book online?

Online Marketing

Many self publishers' book marketing services now offer the creation of an author's web page or web site as part of the marketing package. This is because more and more people search for book information online. A simple author's web page will usually include your bio, information about the content of your book, details of where it is available, the price and a book excerpt. A more detailed site may include links to your other work, transcripts of interviews, details of your professional associations and much more. Once you have a website you can submit it to search engines so that people can find it easily. You can also use the URL in email and forum signatures to add to the promotional reach.

How can book marketing services help me with promoting my book locally?

Going Local With Book Marketing

Book marketing services often provide help with writing press releases. Take advantage of this to create a short press release with a local slant to promote your book. Be sure to highlight the fact that you are a local author and say when and where your book will be available and how much it will cost. Remember to include contact details so people can get in touch for interviews. Send the release out at least a few weeks before publication to anyone local who might be interested in your book. The local media are always looking for good local stories, so you can be sure that at least some of them will pick it up. Once the book has been published, send review copies and a new release to announce its publication. This will create a local buzz which will help you with book sales.

How can I use tip sheets for marketing my non-fiction book?

Tip Top Book Marketing

Tip sheets are a good book marketing tool for non fiction self published books. All you need are some of the most interesting (or strangest) items from your book. These are sure to get attention. You need a good lead, which can be one of your chapter titles or section headings, as well as details of publication, availability and contact information about the book at the end. The more interesting you make it, the more likely it is that newspapers and magazines will use it, increasing the reach of your book marketing efforts. This technique can also be used with novels and poetry.

How can I use email marketing to promote my books on Amazon?

The Amazon Email Buzz

An email marketing campaign can be a very effective way of promoting your self-published book on Amazon. However, as with most marketing campaigns it helps to have something to give away, such as some audio recordings, interview transcripts or special reports. Then you can send emails out to everyone you know asking them to pass on details of the offer to everyone they know. This is known as viral marketing and many large conglomerates have used it to create a buzz about a new product. This type of buzz also works for self-published books. Within the email, it is important to include details of the advantages of the book and a link to the Amazon sales page. Many self publishers have successfully used this technique to reach the Amazon bestseller list.

What is Google Book Search?

Book Marketing – The Google Way

Google Book Search is a book marketing service that sells online access to your books. Google indexes the text of your books and allows users to see a few pages of your book which match their search criteria. They can then pay immediately for online access to your book at a price set by you. Users are not able to copy pages from your book or to save it on their computer. They can only access it online when signed into their account. This complements Google's other use of the technology, which directs users to online retailers who sell your book.

What is cooperative advertising?

Cooperative Book Marketing

Some book marketing services offer cooperative advertising as a way of promoting your self-published book. This allows you to promote your book in conjunction with those of other authors. While national advertising may be too expensive for most self publishers to handle on their own, when they join with other authors, the cost becomes more affordable. In order to use such a service, authors usually need a small payment and the ad copy they require. Book marketing services will have a rolling schedule of advertisements and authors can choose the one they think is best suited to their book. This gives their book national exposure at an affordable price.

How can I market my book outside of bookstores?

Take Your Marketing Outside

If you want to market your book outside of bookstores, you need to go to your audience. When you write your book, you will already have an idea of who you expect to read it. Now it's time to go one step further and think about where you can find them.

For example, if you write a book about dog breeding, then dog shows are a natural place to promote your book. You can also consider veterinary associations and animal welfare organizations. Better still, offer to be a speaker - it's a golden opportunity to promote your self published book. Whatever your topic, there is bound to be an interest group around it. Just look on the Internet or in your phone book for contacts.

How can I give people a reason to buy my self published book?

How To Market Your Rep

Many self publishing experts agree that it is not the book that is sold, but the author's reputation. People buy books because they believe that the author is trustworthy and knows about the subject he or she is writing about. Authors can use this as a way of marketing their self published books. One easy way of doing this is by joining in discussion forums that are about the topic of your book. You can add useful information to discussions and build up a reputation for good information. If you do this well before the publication date and participate regularly, you will be able to announce your book to the forum and will have a ready made audience who will check it out and may buy a few copies. You can also take advantage of the web pages provided by many book marketing services to enhance your profile.

What are some of the services book marketing services provide?

Some Book Marketing Services

Book marketing services are at your service! Among other things, book marketing services will:

  • Help you market and promote your book
  • Offer self publishing services for authors
  • Provide developing press kits
  • Provide training the author for media appearances
  • Provide designing professional logos
  • Provide maintaining relationships with public relations people

*If you think book marketing services are for you, check them out thoroughly and look for satisfied clients so you can determine how much they have really helped other authors.

How can I distribute my using book marketing services?

Basic Wholesale Book Distribution

Go ahead, promote yourself! Thor Distribution, RJ Communications' latest addition, helps you turn the mystery of bookstore distribution into "Found Money." This inexpensive add-on to any regular printing order allows you time to concentrate on your main mission—promoting and marketing your book online and offline. This book distribution program has many benefits, including:

  • It is easily transferable to a traditional book distributor once bookstore sales reach several thousand copies per year
  • It can make your book available for distribution to over 90% of the bookstores in the US for only $49.95
  • This book marketing service is available to anyone, regardless of budget

Why should I use Readers Radio in my book marketing plan?

Readers Radio

Ride the waves to sell you book—the radio waves! Readers Radio promotes book authors and self publishers as well as sells authors' books on a commission basis. They create and broadcast book author interviews to their network of over 2.8 million people. A virtual book tour on Readers Radio is a very inexpensive and effective way to promote your book and should be included in your overall book marketing plan.

*This is truly one of the most unique marketing services available to boost sales for the independent publisher.

Should I use book marketing services for my book?

Using Book Marketing Services

So, you're not a do-it yourself kind-of person? No problem. Some authors prefer to use professional book marketing services to help market and promote their books, because they simply do not have time to do it themselves. Book marketing services help through every stage of the book marketing process, from press releases and book tours to designing a web page and even arranging for book translation into other languages. They can be expensive, but many authors feel they are worth it.

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