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Self publishing your comic book.

Becoming a published writer has become so difficult that it can feel almost mythical. Thanks to technology and the rise of self publishing companies it is finally possible to see your work written, illustrated, and bound without breaking your bank or even a sweat.

Here's how to self publish your comic book:

Make sure your book is finished before bringing it to the publisher. Being that the self publishing environment does not have a gauge for quality control, it is up to you to ensure that your comic book is in its final form. This means looking over all aspects of editing: from grammar and punctuation all the way to the coloring of the illustrations.

Understand what you are giving up when you self publish. When you self publish your comic book you are stepping away from the world of agencies and publishing houses. Many publishers, contractually, will not accept a comic book that has been self published. So if you are sure you don't want to go the conventional publishing route, don't worry. If you are waffling on your decision--wait a bit before you hit the publish button.

Choose your self publisher. There are many different self publishing companies on the internet and in cities. Look into all of the options that you have and compare them to one another. Some publishers will give you a better rate for smaller orders, while others may jack up the prices if you use many different colors. Self publishing is your business and you should be particular.

Following these steps can lead you to the land of self published success.

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