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4 Apps That a Self-Publisher Needs

Whether you want to publish a book, a film, or an album, self-publishing presents an attractive option. After all, this means that you get to control the entire process, from what material you select to how it's packaged to who actually sees or hears it. You can bypass big corporations and get your creative products out yourself.

Here are four great apps to get you started on your self-publishing journey.

1. CreateSpace

This web based app can help musicians, record labels, music studios, and publishing companies get music to more people faster. You can distribute your music to Amazon MP3 or CD On Demand. Writers and film producers also will want to look into this app, as it helps these same people to self-publish their work as well.

2. FastPencil on iPhone

Another app intended for novelists and other writers, FastPencil also works for publishers that want to find talented writers for future projects. You can take care of the entire process, from writing to publishing and retailing right here. Better yet, you can also sell your book to such major brands as Apple, Kindle, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

3. LucidPress

Whether you're a writer, a musician, or a filmmaker, at one point you will need a cover for your work of art. can help, as it allows you to create your own digital layouts and documents. You can then access your files just about anywhere online, such as Google Docs, Flickr, Dropbox, and Facebook. Various types of image files are supported like JPG, PNG, and even PDFs.

4. Facebook Pages Manager on Android or iPhone

Once you release your album, book, or film, you will want to manage your fan base. You can keep track of your Facebook popularity with this app, which allows you to track your page, reply to messages through the app, and get reminders anytime that there's new activity on your page.

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