Self Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

What is a page?

What margins should I use for my text?

How do I prepare my text for the printer?

Can I still use camera copy?

Is there an alternate way to sell books through Amazon?

Will Borders sell my POD book?

How many books should I print?

How do I utilize trade publications when promoting my book?

How do I submit my book to Amazon?

What is a book cover bleed in printing?

What type of book cover proof will I receive?

How do I come up with a good book cover design?

What about the back book cover design?

How well do book covers in color print?

What are end leaves?

What is the best binding for a cookbook?

What is perfect binding and should I use it for my book?

Should I use saddle stitching for my book?

What about spiral binding for my book?

What is a Chicago Screw type book binding?

What is the tape and staple type of book binding?

Where can I find a book binding company?

Should I plan my book binding early in the publishing process?

Can I bind my own books?

What is the Smythe sewing binding?

What is case binding?

Should I have my book cover and or jacket professionally designed?

What is the 4th Step towards successful self publishing?

How do I figure the spine width of my cover?

How can I get a worldwide ISBN number?

Should my book have an index?

What size and format should I use when I plan my book design?

Can I use existing graphics in my book design?

Do I have to state which country the book was printed?

Should I hire a professional book jacket designer?

How can I find a professional book jacket designer?

Does white count as a color on my book layout design?

Do children's books have a different layout design?

Should I layout my book with one column or two columns on each page?

Are there books available that tell me how to design my text and graphics in Microsoft Word?

Are some fonts easier to read online or in print than others?

Should I use headings in my text design?

How much does book cover design cost?

How can I partner with to sell more of my books?

Is it a good idea to market directly to large chains like Barnes & Noble?

How does make marketing a book easier?

Are there other places to market my book?

Where are some places besides bookstores where I can sell my book?

What is the ABC of marketing a book?

Does NO ever really mean YES?

How do I reach customers on the Internet?

How do I seek out other forms of book promotion?

Why do people say "NO" when you are trying to promote your book?

What are premium sales and why should I target them?

Should I target special sections of the newspaper when I market my book?

How can I use national events to help market my book?

Should I market my book in my old hometown?

Should I try to get some famous people to write a quote recommending my book?

Should I write articles about subjects other than my book?

Should I try to syndicate a column in my subject area?

How do I promote my book using other spin-off products?

How can I get the media to help promote my book?

Do I need to spend lot of money preparing a press release to market my book?

How can I use bookmarks to help sell my book?

Why should I have a web site to help market my book?

Why is ongoing book marketing important for my book?

Are author book signings a good way to market and sell books?

Why should I print extra book cover design copies?

How do I get someone to write a book review about my new book?

How to I promote my books myself, by having an autograph party?

How do I promote my book using the media and the airwaves?

What can I learn from the street people about sales?

How do I use press releases to promote my book myself?

Who do I sell my book to?

How do I utilize book fairs to promote books myself?

Should I market my book at art & craft fairs?

How can I use a book distributor to help market my book?

How can I distribute my using book marketing services?

How do I get Barnes and to carry my books?

How can I get Ingram to sell my book?

What is the Book Market Map and how can it help me market my book?

Why should I use Readers Radio in my book marketing plan?

How do I use direct mail advertising to promote my book myself?

Should I create a marketing plan for my book?

Should I use book marketing services for my book?

What are some of the services book marketing services provide?

Why should I target regional magazines when I promote my book?

Why should I write articles highlighting information in my book?

Why is your book different?

Should I donate books to charity auctions?

Should I donate some of my time to local charities or non-profit groups?

Should I barter with others for my book or for services?

Should I hold a book reading for my book?

Should I put together a show or discussion about my book's contents?

Should I sell my book at fund raisers?

Should I give my book away in a contest?

Should you submit a sample chapter or sample pages to Amazon?

What type of book proof is sent to book reviewers?

What are the strengths of digital printing?

Can I run a short run color book cost effectively?

What is the downside of digital printing?

How can I test halftones reproduced on a digital press?

Can full-color children's books be printed digitally in low quantities?

Can I efficiently add color print to my text?

Can I print my galleys digitally?

Is digital printing really that popular?

Should I use a digital printer with experience?

What is a four-color process for manufacturing books?

When is it good to print on a sheetfed press?

Do I need to pick a standard trim size for my book?

Can I print color pictures in my book cost effectively?

Would using 20 pound bond paper for my text save me money?

Can I use a local printer to print my book?

How many books should I print?

Is a second printing of my book any cheaper?

Should I use POD for my book?

Is the paper's grain important in the finished book?

Is POD printing cost effective?

What is a book's signature?

What is a Cameron Belt Press?

Should I have my cover film laminated?

Where does the copyright page appear, and what information appears on it?

Where do I find the copyright symbol on my computer?

Do I need to register my book with the US Copyright office?

How is my book copyrighted?

What are the advantages of officially registering my copyright?

How do I get an ISBN assigned to my book?

What are the ISBN barcode numbers?

How many ISBN's do I need?

Do I own my "assigned" ISBN number?

What is the Acknowledgements page?

Should I add an author Preface to my self published book?

Why is research and fact checking important when I write my book?

Why should I write a purpose statement?

How are ISBN numbers used?

What is a Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN)?

Who are some famous authors who first self published their books?

Where can I get ideas for writing more self published books?

What type of self publishing books sell the best?

Will reviewers look at my self published book?

How can I beat writer's block?

How much will I have to invest in my self published book?

Do I have to pay for extra books if there is an overrun?

Do I have to pay for books if they are delivered late?

How much can I earn if I sell my book to a publishing house?

What kind of a budget should I set when I self publish a book?

What is the first step of successful self publishing?

What is the best way to learn about publishing a children's book?

Should I use a fulfillment center?

Where do I find help writing my book?

Should I subscribe to writing magazines?

Should I hire a book coach?

Do I need to hire a book editor?

Should I enter self publishing contests?

Why do I need to know what other books are competing with mine?

Do I need a business license?

How can I create a memorable business name?

Why should I read "100,000 Power Phrases"?

Is "Beyond the Bookstore" a good title for marketing and promotional information?

Is "Publishing Basics" a good investment?

Should I read "Publishing Basics for Children"?

Can I really write and publish a book in only 30 days?

Why is Dan Poynter an expert on self publishing?

What is a book coach?

Do I really need a business plan?

Can I really work alone all the time?

Should I revise before I reprint?

Should I only publish books in one field or area?

Am I a real publisher?

Can I make a real living as a self publisher?

Why do you want to self publish your book?

Do I really need to create an outline?

Should I have other people proofread my book, too?

Should I consider using a vanity press like AuthorHouse?

How can I avoid dealing with a vanity press?

What is the definition of a vanity press?

Is there a difference between subsidy presses and vanity presses?

Who sets the price for my book when I use a vanity publisher?

What is a subsidy press, and is it a real publishing company?

How do I find a reputable book publishing company?

Am I self publishing my book when I publish with a subsidy publisher?

How can I make sure I don't sign a contract with a subsidy book publisher?

What is an e-book?

How can I spot a self publishing company scam?

Why should I look for a royalty publisher?

Why should I self publish my book?

What are some to self publishing pros and cons?

What are some good reasons for self-publishing?

What are some self publishing statistics?

Why does self publishing give me freedom?

How long does it take to self publish?

Can I leave a legacy by self publishing my book?

Can I really compete with the big publishers when I distribute my book?

How do I own all of the book's rights?

Is it easy to self publish a book?

How long have authors been self publishing their books?

Can I revise my book if it's published by another publisher?

What is the real cost of self publishing your book?

How can I develop a reputation as an expert in my field?

Can I create lasting memories for my family with my self published books?

How can I publish my book cheaply?

What experts should I look to for self publishing information?

How can I raise money to fund my self publishing cost?

What is the best thing about self publishing a book?

Should I keep a journal of my experiences as I write my book?

Is using adhesive case a good idea?

What is a book marketing service that is extremely helpful?

Why should I mail out post cards and contact customers about my book?

What is the best book marketing tip for my book?

Is POD color printing available?

What is POD?

Where can I find good advice on marketing my book?

Is "Beyond the Bookstore: 101 Ways to Sell Your Self-Published Book" an insightful book?

Is self publishing fiction successfully a fictional concept?

How can I find a good printer?

Should I get proofs?

How can I be sure that when I use a publishing service to do this myself, it's legitimate?

Can I set up an account on behalf of my mother who is an elderly woman of 80 and totally computer iliterate?

Why do some ISBNs have 13 digits?

How can I get an ISBN for my book if I don't live in the US?

How can I get my book written and published if I'm not a writer?

Who owns the copyright to my ghostwritten book?

How can I promote my self published book for free?

How can I use social bookmarking to promote my self published book?

What sizes are modern paperback books?

How long should my ebook be?

Can I sell my self-published book or ebook through Amazon?

What should I name my publishing company?

Does the publishing industry treat print and e-book authors the same?

What is The International Digital Publishing Forum?

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What Types of E-books should I publish?

How to I Design a Profitable E-book?

How Do I Choose a Good E-book Maker?

How to I Create a Good Image For My E-book?

What E-book Cover Format Should I Use?

Should I release my book through a publisher or distributor?

What types of books do child book publishers handle?

Do I need an illustrator if I am self publishing a children's book?

How does a child book illustrator work?

Why should I self publish my children's picture book?

What age are children's picture books aimed at?

What are early readers?

What resources do I need if I am planning to self-publish a children's book?

How should I decide what type of children's book to self-publish?

If I self-publish a children's book, does that rule out trade publishing?

Where should I get ideas for the cover design for my self-published book?

Why is cover design important for my self published book?

What should I include on my book cover?

Do I need a blurb for my self-published book?

Recent Self Publishing Questions

Q. I published with Virtual Bookworm and was very disappointed with their service. Does anyone else have experience with Virtual Bookworm?
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Q. What is the differance between self publishing and publishing?
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Q. How do I copywrite my book?
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Q. Sir,I have prepared some papers and articles and since iUniverse and Xlibris only publish books,while my requirement is only for small articles and research paers.
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Q. Respected Sir, Richard Hull,

Most Respectfully,I am currently pursuing PhD program at one of the University in Canada in Computer Science.I am involved in Research,I have authored some research papers and articals and want to self publish them in one the journals or news letters or at some other resource from where I may look of academic brilliance,for this I can pay also,
Awaiting Immediate Instructions.
Kindly Help.

Yours sincerely,
Hartinder Singh Johal
M.Eng{Computer Engineering}
MS{Software Systems}
B.Tech(Hons){Computer Sc & Engg}

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Q. what about booksurge? they are a book publisher and charge for my book 599 to start.
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Q. Dear Guru,
I am self publishing a book of original music (fiddle tunes). I bet
I`ll sell a few hundred total, a few at a time at dances and gigs. I am self printing and comb binding them too. For the last batch I used a HP laser printer with Staples 24 lb bond. The printing on the reverse side shows through too much though. What inexpensive printer paper might I use to minimize this reverse side "shadow" from bleeding through?
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Q. Do you need an ISBN or SAN for a
booklet - not quite a book? Thanks.

Pat S.
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Q. I am currently in the process of getting my book printed out, where do I go from here in regards to getting it out there in the market place? where do I go to sell it and expose it?
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Q. I have a small consulting company in which I also put together info booklets. Now I want to self publish my book a along with other individuals. Woul I now also be considered a publisher? Do an individual who self-publish have to set up a company as well
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I have written a book and I would like to get it published to whom should I turn.
Thanks in advance
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Q. My Best friend passed away of Duchenne`s Muscular Dystrophy in 1998, leaving behind a manuscript about his life and coping with the disease. He was one of the few people with Duchenne`s to make it to adulthood.
Try as I might I can not interest an agent in the project because his family wants most of the proceeds to the MDA. Without an agent I can`t get it to a big time publisher.

Now a small local publisher, who does his on printing, wants to publish it for a fee. I have only known him for a short time, but he seems to be an honest, Christian young man. How can be sure that I`m not being taken for a ride? Is in-house printing a good reason for changing a fee? How many copies should we print the first time out? Please advise.
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Q. Hello!! I was wondering how get a copyright for mty bok and o I need a registration number with the library of congress!I have library that will take my book but they say it has to be published ,copywritten and registered!! I already have paid to have it printed and have it put together!Its a childrens book!Please
let me know!Thank You Cynthia Masi-Neuenfeldt
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Q. Do I have to start a corporation to self-publish my book?
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Q. ho do I get an isbn number for the book I have written?
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Q. I want help with my manuscript but I want to avoid "vanity" presses. Where do I go?
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Q. Please let me know the standard sizes of paperbacks. Most POD printers want to supply the "trade cover" 6" x 9", which has not been well accepted amongst readers in South Africa.

Kind regards,

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Q. what are steps in using the perfect book binding method?

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Q. If bookshops insist on stocking my book on a sale or return policy, hwo do I keep track of their sales?
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Q. Can you please tell me how I can self publish my book "Let This Mind Be In You", a spiritual book. Can you tell me the first thing to do all the way to the last thing to do, detail to detail.
Thank you.
amera thompson
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Q. how do i get started on writing a book about my husbands life story? he was severely beaten from a newborn till he was 16 or 17 yrs old, and he suffers from chronic health problems.
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Q. i am a college student looking to print 5000 copies of a 48pg full color high quality magazine involving arts and literary magazine-esque content. no ads. how much is a printing press and materials and for an ongoing project would that be better than using an outside printing co?
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Q. When asssigned the 10 ISBN numbers through Bowker, can I use them for 10 completely different books (published by myself), or ar they only to be used for variations on the original book, such as 2nd & 3rd printing?
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Q. What is the typical mark up on books sold through book store or internet. In other words, if I have a suggested retail of 29.95, what is the most common wholesale price. This is a soft cover manual, do they typically have a certain mark up?

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Q. If I use a POD, should I FIRST secure an ISBN?
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Q. I`m lost! For pure printing, no other services, who is the best financial deal to do print on demand?

How`s ?
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Q. I`ve written a book/ user guide, and will be printing and binding the copies myself. What is the best way for me to obtain and imprint the
"bar code?"
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Q. I have published a book with a small independent Belgian publisher, who usually specialise in journals. How do they go about selling my book on Amazon? Who else should I ask them to sell my book through? How else should I market it? all advice greatly appreciated
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Q. Is digital printing machine works same as offset printing machine?
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Q. I have self pulished my first childrens book and have more to follow at a later date. I have just found out from a book reviewer that I need a ISBN number. Do you know where I can go to get one or two for a reasonable price and how much it would cost. I know that I need one now to sell in bookstores. I have a web site about my iguana that is the star of my book....... Thank you and have a nice day. Robin Thomas
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Q. What exactly does acronym ISBN stand for?
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Q. what type machine is used to fold and or bind children`s board books
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Q. Also,

How do you determine what type of paper the book will be printed on?
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Q. How can you determine the number of pages for a manuscript when it is not yet finished? It`s a 12 chapter book. All the companies want the approx. number of pages is there some secret to figuring that out?
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Q. When your manuscript is finished, how do you know how many pages it will be depending on which trim size you choose, the number of blank end-of-quarto pages, and front pages?
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Q. After messing aroudn with other software programs, the author of the book I am typesetting asked me to use Word to format the book. Upon researching this, I have read that all I need to do is center the 5.5 x 8.5 page, in Word, to the 8.5 x 11 normal page. ???? Should I simply create margins that will mimic centering the text or will this make things difficult for the printer when I send them a PDF file?
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Q. I have recently purchased a block of 10 isbn numbers for the purpose of self-publishing one book. Can I allow a friend to use one my isbn numbers for the publication of his book, in that he does money to buy one. Is this legal and if so why don`t more one book only self-publishers share there 10 numbers which the cost could be shared by all involved? New to all of this and your guidance is much appreciated.
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Q. I am typesetting a book: should I use a True Type font (type) or a postscript font (type) for a manuscript typeset in Word to be converted to a PDF file for final printing?
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Q. I have self published a book and want to offer it for sale on my web site. I was going to use Paypal for the credit card sales but think I am going to have problems as it`s a sexuality/self help BDSM book. Any suggestions to a similar service that won`t cost me monthly fee`s but rather less than 10% commission fee?
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Q. how much should the cover photo cost?
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Q. May we post your tips about working with a book designer on our writing co-op newsletter site please? thanks for your response,
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Q. how to calculate the spine thickness of the journal, if the pages of the journal is 117 and cover pages 2.
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Q. I am doing research for my marketing exam. I have to find innovative ideas to promote a book for an author. But the marketing budget is ZERO!! I will suggest book signing at book shops,interviews with media and TV/radio,email lists,author`s web site promo,press release.
Do you know of some better ideas?

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Q. How do I go about self-publishing and I`m starting my own business and need to copywrite some of the sayings --If I self-publish them are they copywrighted.also, I am needing to purchase many of the "game of life" minitures. where do I find them?
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Q. Who would be the top 5 or 10 POD printing places online (that you would recommend) and would that be an ok route to go and have your book printed.
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Q. I only have one book that I want to publish, and want to aquire just one ISBN. Do I have to buy 10 or can I just purchase 1? If so, can you give me an estimate of total costs to do so online?
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Q. Please help with confusion on the ISBN. We`re printing twenty different books that are all related (Volume 1 of Revelation, Volume 2, etc.)If I get the block of 10, can I use subdivions (for lack of a better word to use) of one number for each volume? I have other unrelated books/CD`s to publish and I`m trying to figure out how to best use the block of 10 numbers.

Thank you so much for being here - feel lucky to have run into your site on a google search.

Hope to hear from you soon - we`re ready to roll!!!
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Q. What is processing fee amount and is the registration fee $225 plus bar code fee of $25 per book. I am not clear on prices.
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Q. I am finding myself stumped at having the correct and respectful way to approach Book stores (Independent book stores and large chain book stores.) I`ve worked ao hard on the making and the production of my novel, I would hate for this little stumbling block to crush me right here.
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Q. I am designing the cover for my book. The output files is in pdf format. When I print it on a laser printer at Kinko, the size on paper is different from the size on the screen zoomed at 100 %. How do I adjust the screen size to get the hard copy size I want ?
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