Book Cover Design Proofs

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What type of book cover proof will I receive?

Book Cover Design Proofs

Make your cover shine! Your designer's computer is capable of doing things that only a decade ago were reserved for prepress film houses with millions of dollars worth of equipment. Today, in most cases, when your designer finishes your book cover design, it's ready for press. If you are running a one or two-color cover, your designer's laser proof should be enough. The printer will print the PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors that you specify on your order. With four-color professional book cover designs, things are a little different. Take heed in the following advice:

  • You should not rely on your designer's laser proof unless you have a fairly wide window of tolerance between your book cover proof and the printed cover
  • You should never count on what you see on your computer screen to be more than a general representation of what will be printed on the final product
  • If you see a hue difference in the final product you need to be tolerant. The money you save using today's technology far outweighs any minor color variation in the final product and there is usually only a slight decrease in the proofing accuracy.



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