Holding Your Book

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What size and format should I use when I plan my book design?

Holding Your Book

Make your book user-friendly. There are many facets of book design, including how your book will be used. Take into consideration the anticipated usage of your book before designing it.

  • If your book is a how-to, reference, or cookbook, you probably will want to design it to lay flat somehow (so the reader can use it conveniently when needed)
  • If the book is designed to be read often, like a novel or book of poetry, you want to make sure the book is comfortable to hold—you wouldn't want to design a book in too large a format (like a coffee table book) because those are designed to be looked at while they are laying down, rather than being held and read for a long period

*Think about how your book will be used when you plan your book design.



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