Direct Mail Advertising

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How do I use direct mail advertising to promote my book myself?

Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising provides you with the opportunity to get your complete sales message to a specific potential buyer. But, you must be very selective in your choice of lists and you must direct the message in your cover letter toward the type of person on that list. Visit the main branch of a public library in a large city, go to the reference desk and ask for the Direct Mail List Rate & Data.

This directory lists every mailing list available together with its size, how it was assembled, the various ways it can be broken down (just male, by income level, geographically, etc.), its source, and much more. There are also many companies who deal with direct mail lists online, so search for "direct mail lists" to find these book marketing services.

*Direct mail is very cost restrictive for the published. Unless you have money to burn, there are more efficient ways to get to buyers.



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