Don't Spend a Fortune on an Effective Press Release

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Do I need to spend lot of money preparing a press release to market my book?

Don't Spend a Fortune on an Effective Press Release

Some people think they have to hire an expensive PR firm to help market their book. However, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars with a PR agency on an effective press release. You can do your own effective book marketing quite easily.

Contact online press release experts for help with writing and distributing new book press releases. They will fine tune your release and make sure it gets to the right media—all for much less than a conventional PR agency.



8/10/2007 7:08:25 AM
Scott Lorenz said:

As a book publicist I can assure you that obtaining media coverage is all about creating angles, which make something interesting to the media and ultimately your readers. A publicist will develop several angles and tailor these to various media outlets. Furthermore, as a publicist, I am in regular contact with the media on behalf of my other clients and often pitch one, two or even three stories to the same writer, producer etc. Hey, it saves everyone time. Furthermore, a good publicist has contacts and relationships that go back years. Most authors have to start at peg 1. Bottom line: It’s more that a press release that gets you the PR you seek and a book publicist can help you immensely.


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