Choose a Memorable Company Name

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How can I create a memorable business name?

Choose a Memorable Company Name

The name game! When you are your own self publisher, you get to create the name you will publish your books under. Be sure to choose a memorable name that your readers can relate to and remember when they want to buy additional copies of your book.

*It is best not to name the company after yourself, it is better to choose a name that has something to do with the type of books you'll be writing, such as "Golden State Press" if you are writing books about California.



10/23/2011 7:37:49 PM
J said:

If I use a DBA to self-publish where would my name go? Let's say I use Lifetips Publishing Company to self publish my book - I thought Lifetips would be the publisher and I (using my name or a pseudonym)would be listed as the Author. Please Explain Further.


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