Book Cover Design Software

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What software could I use to design a book cover?

Book Cover Design Software

Professional illustrators and graphic artists use drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand (which is now also owned by Adobe) for book cover design. These programs contain a variety of sophisticated drawing tools that you may find useful, however the learning curve is steep and they can be expensive, particularly if you are only going to use them a few times. There are other options for designing a book cover, such as:

  • Hiring an art student to create a memorable book cover
  • Splashing out on a professional cover designer, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand
  • Hand drawing your illustration and scanning it in (but beware of creating an amateurish cover)
  • Using the cover design packages and templates available from most self publishers.



6/28/2007 7:03:14 AM
Jeff said:

Another option is using a program called BookCoverPro, which is geared toward self publishers who want to design their own covers but don't have the time or skills to use the higher end programs. A membership is under $200 and contains the program, dozens of professional templates and images, user guide, plus a free program to create marketing materials, and the upgrades are free. I use the program and it's very easy to learn and apply.


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