With A Little Help From My Friends

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How can my friends help with editing my self published book?

With A Little Help From My Friends

If you can't hire a professional book editor to edit your self published book, your friends will be able to help with copy editing and constructive criticism. This is not the time for them to gush about how great your book is. Instead, encourage your friends to be ruthless and to make a note of any aspect of your book that does not seem quite right. They should look for misspellings and anything that is unclear and should offer specific advice about such areas as:

  • Whether the title reflects what is in the book or will help to sell it.
  • Whether they think your information is accurate and up-to-date (in other words, is it credible?)
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Whether the book is well organized and consistent.
If possible, choose friends who are interested in the subject you are writing about. They will be able to approach it as knowledgeable readers and their feedback will help improve your book.



7/14/2009 3:40:56 PM
jono13 said:

I have a memoir adventure story presently in the editing process using a retired teacher friend. I also have test readers adding remarks to the manuscript and hopefully the feedback that will help me know who my potential readers are.


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