Using Email To Sell Your Book Online

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How can I use an email newsletter to sell my book online?

Using Email To Sell Your Book Online

An email newsletter is an ideal way to create a buzz about your self published book. The advantages of an email newsletter is that it is an easy way to collect the email addresses of people who have already shown that they're interested in what you have to sell. Starting an email newsletter is very easy.

There are several online services that offer free email newsletters up to a certain number of subscribers. These sites usually have templates for newsletter design and tracking mechanisms so you can see what your subscribers have found interesting. To have a successful newsletter you have to have content that people find interesting. If you are promoting your book, you can relate this content to the subject of your book and link back to a page where your book is available for sale.

This method of promotion works well with both niche and general subjects. If you know another author with a book to promote, offer to mention that book to your subscribers in exchange for a mention in the other author's email newsletter. That means word of your book will reach a new audience of potential buyers.



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