Tips and Methods for Self-Publishing Your Software

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Tips and Methods for Self-Publishing Your Software

You've just created a stunning new piece of software, and you want to share it with the world. Rather than relying on traditional means of publication, such as companies and organizations though, you want to take care of the job yourself. This offers you more control over your creative input, the final result, as well as distribution.

Before you go the self-publishing route, take the following steps to make sure that your software has the greatest chances of succeeding.

1. Get copyright protection – Just like you should patent a great idea that you have for a product, once you actually make that product, you have to obtain copyright protection. This guarantees that no one else can take your software and claim it as their own.

2. Offer a free demo to users – To garner attention for your software, you can always offer a free demo trial period to interested users. This allows them to use the product for a certain amount of time that you designate. After that, they can pay for the full version for continued use.

3. Offer freeware – Freeware, as it sounds, is free software. This may not be feasible or desirable for you, but if you do want to offer free software, then you can simply create a website to house your product and then offer it for download to any interested individuals.

4. Promote your software – If you do decide to charge for your hardware, then it's all the more imperative that you have a website and other means of promotion. A good marketing strategy allows you to reach a larger audience and draw in new customers.



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